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Cottage Journal Feature

My friend, Amanda Louise is at it again! She recently had a house she decorated a few years back published in The Cottage Journal.  The house features some of my paintings, so I wanted to share some of the photos.  Here is the Master Bedroom.  Amanda Louise had me create the custom painting over the bed based off of the colors in the rug, pillows, and bedding.  and here is a detail shot for a closer look  Here is a shot of a really fun gallery wall that Amanda Louise put together: she has such a singular style when it comes to grouping work. (My small landscape is on the lower right hand side in the floater frame.) Thank you...

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Sunshine for the Soul Book Collaboration

I am so pleased to announce the launch of a book that I created Illustrations for, Sunshine for the Soul.   Stephanie Morgan wrote the book based off of thoughts, words, and antidotes Lindsey Bates Motley wrote on her Caringbridge site as she battled colon cancer.  Lindsey lost her battle, but her words and spirit live on in many ways, and the book is a tangible form of those things.   She was a dear friend, and I was privileged to gather up flowers and greenery from the Cancer's Survivor Park to create the cyanotypes for this book as a tribute.  Please click here to purchase a book and make a donation to the Cancer Survivor's Park   Please click...

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One Room Challenge Final Week

Here we are: the final week of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge! I have had so much fun designing my almost three year old's room and making it a 'big girl room' that I hope she enjoys it for years to come!  Liv and George wearing their new cute pajamas from The Horseshoe Crab - they are the ultimate in monogramming and I can not recommend them enough!  Perhaps because my studio tends to be wildly colorful, my home's interior is a little more placid and crisp.  But I wanted my daughter's room to be anything but that. It truly was the most fun space to create and I just had the best time working with all the color.  Liv...

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One Room Challenge Week Five!

This week for the One Room Challenge I am taking tons of art I have collected over the years and been gifted by friends and making a fun gallery wall in Liv's room.  I have incorporated in Three Dimensional Pieces from Gray Garden Designs Paper Mache Collection, a JuJu Mask I created for a previous One Room Challenge, some pieces from my wildly talented friend, Miles Purvis, and some other cool finds I've stumbled across.  I had to call in the reinforcements to help me, so I looped in my gal Amanda Louise to help me place the art and design the gallery wall.  She is a gallery wall master, so I just left her to her work and and...

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Flora & Form Pop Up

I have had the creative itch to flip my art studio Vino & van Gogh over to a 'soft' gallery and last week I finally pulled it together to make it happen.  With the help of the incredible artists I looped in: Mary Frances Flowers, Maggie Grace Art, Gray Garden Designs, Think Kind Candles, Knotted Turkish Rugs & Suanne Hall Art and the styling magic of Amanda Louise Interiors, we had an incredible event!  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came out to support us with this show.  It was a huge success and we will for sure be doing it again late summer or early fall!  And I must add a very big thank you to Courtney Malone...

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